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Sidney, NY L & J Consultants Web Graphics Web Design Specials Sidney, NY

FREE Web Hosting available through L & J Consultants. We can change your server to a non-paying service. No more paying monthly fees and being charged for something that you don't have to pay for. Our affiliate servers are always up and running.

Notice to all business web site owners:

We can change your server at no charge to a FREE server that has very little down time. Some companies charge $10 - $20 - even $30 or more a month to host your site. Why not put that money back in your pocket today. Contact us at (607) 563-8955 or email us for more info.

FREE search engine submission with any SIZE WEB SITE that you order from us. $50.00 Value!

Search Engine Submission:

Includes keywording and submitting your pre-existing site to more than 400 search engines. Have a website already? Not getting enough exposure or visitors to your site? Most people look for websites in search engines. By typing in a keyword they can find all the websites that match what they are looking for. If your site was not submitted to a search engine or was not properly submitted you could be losing potential customers. You want your website to be ranked high on the list of each search engine results. Most companies recommend you resubmit your website every 3 months to keep your listing current with other websites. We will evaluate and submit your website to all major search engines so that your site will be up-to-date with all the search engines and their rankings.
Total Price: $50.00

Online Coupons

Let your customers print out your coupons in the privacy of their own home. We can put your coupons online for $10/month or $100/per year. We can also link these to your exsisting web site. This is a reasonable business solution if you are not quite ready for a full website. You get great exposure for your business because other advertising resources (newspapers,radio,tv) cost a lot more for less of an audience. Increase your sales and your exposure for a small investment of $100 annual fee or try it out for only $10 a month. Either way you will see that online coupons is the way to go.

Call L & J Consultants today at (607) 563-8955
or email us for more info. Let us handle you internet needs.

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