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Sidney, NY L & J Consultants Web Graphics Web Design Specials Sidney, NY

Personal or Resume Web Page Design:

There is a $99.00 fee for design work. You get up to 3 web pages of design work and your own web address (i.e. There is no monthly fees and we offer you FREE web hosting for your site. This is good for small businesses that don't want to spend a lot of money for their own domain name (i.e. We could design it and host it on our web site. Then you can decide later for a bigger and better web site after you evaluate your site for a period of time.
Total Price for up to 3 web pages: $99.00

Small Business Web Site:

This includes the domain registration and free hosting: Up to 30MB of web space. That could hold up to 45 pages of designs and links. Most companies charge $50 per page plus designing fees, updates, logos, domain registration and custom graphics. This a fair price for an entire web site with your own domain name. We recommend you to shop around and compare our prices with other design companies and you will see some will charge you over $1,000 for a web site. Don't forget their fine print of monthly fees and web hosting. We offer FREE web hosting and we have NO monthly fees.
Total Price for a Domain Web Site: $499.00

Small Business Web Site With Shopping Cart/E-Commerce Functions.

This also includes all the above plus online credit card sales. Today's consumers have it easy with online banking, online auctions, online shopping, and up-to-the-minute stock quotes. Don't let this type of technology pass you by. If you offer products or services why not increase your sales with very minimal work? Consumers can order your product online 24 hours a day and you will be making money without being in your store. E-commerce can increase your business by 500% and anyone in the WORLD can see what you have to offer. Some companies charge an arm and a leg for this service. Starting prices for this could run up to $1500 to $2000.
Total Price for Domain Name plus E-Commerce capabilities: $799.00

Other Services and Samples:
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